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Preview stream of the EP "MINI GIRLS"


Videoclip for the single "Mini Girls"

Track by track artwork by Giacomo Vitti and Aron Smith

Nancy Deleuze

Nancy Deleuze



"Mini girls" ep

OUT JUNE 1st,  2018 (PSCHENT)


1.    Bahiana ft. Nancy Deleuze
2.   Mini Girls
3.   Gotta Good Chance
4.   Do Me No Right ft. Mina Montesquieu
5.   No Tequila ft. Zap Mama
6.   Imperial Odalisque ft. Nancy Deleuze

You could run into a show of American/Swiss-Italian songwriter, producer, performer and singer Tatum Rush at an underground club in New York, sure, but quite possibly also at a decadent rooftop party at an 18th century estate in Rome. It's Pop, it's contemporary R&B, it's Nu-Disco, some say it's (a reasonable version of) R Kelly-meets-Osho-in-the-Doha-desert. It evokes the present, past and future of music.

Giordano Tatum Rush was born in San Diego, California, and since receiving a bachelor in performance art in Geneva he has been working between Lausanne, Paris, Berlin and Milan in songwriting, recording, video-making, dancing and producing - sometimes under various pseudonyms.  His collaborations include artists as diverse as Zap Mama, Richard Dorfmeister, Björn Magnusson, Fai Baba and Tsunano,  Tatum's musical influences are broad as the Nile river so you might catch midnight glimpses of Patrice Rushen, Erykah Badu, Marcellus Pittman, Panjabi MC, Tom Jobim, but also Frank Ocean, Sébastien Tellier or Jai Paul.

Tatum writes and produces his own music often in collaboration with producer Ceri from the Milan-based record label Undamento. During his live shows he is escorted by DJ Bauchamp and his manager of unknown origins, Chad Murray, and always wears a black silk-like scarf on his head.

Besides recording for his solo project Tatum Rush is currently producing Zap Mama's upcoming EP featuring Vincent Cassel, Seu Jorge and more.

Tatum Rush releases his new groundbreaking six-track EP through Paris-based label Pschent. Featuring Zap Mama, Nancy Deleuze and Mina Montesquieu, this album is an ode to Tatum's constellation of muses and a celebration of the ancient mysteries of sensuality. Tatum Rush's unique musical alchemy mixes the classiest pop with contemporary R&B, Nu disco, Trap, Latin rhythms and even Arabic atmospheres into a daring new genre that you could call "intercontinental pop". Luscious lyrics in English, French and Portuguese summon the listener to join Tatum and his muses on a blue moon boat ride to the sunset.
The "Mini Girls" EP is accompanied by videos for the single "Mini Girls" and for the track "Do Me No Right".

Track by Track

BAHIANA ft. Nancy Deleuze
Inspired by a traditional Brazilian Candomblé ceremony in honour of Iemanja, the goddess of the sea, "Bahiana" is a summer-yet-nostalgic pop hit with a Latin feel in French and Portuguese. It features the haunting voice of Swiss-Brazilian singer Nancy Deleuze. This song could easily pass for the 2018 Football World Cup soundtrack.

The title track was initially recorded with Tatum Rush singing on a deep house record by Berlin-based producer Vigera, and subsequently recomposed into a pop/nu-disco song with Ceri in an abandoned car factory in Milan. The video  evokes the contemporary archetype of post-modern Sorbonne-enrolled teens speeding around Paris in their dad's Mini Coopers, blasting "old" Nelly songs on their way to underground parties. Starring Vera Derrida (yes that Derrida), Claire Laffut (GUM/Universal), and Aomi Muyock (Starring in "Love" 2015 by Gaspar Noé).

Aeed was jamming on the synth besides the palm tree at Tatum's lakeside secret residency when the perfect Funk/R&B bass-line locked in with two magical chords. The groove stayed with Tatum until the lyrics emerged from a hot summer night.

DO ME NO RIGHT ft. Mina Montesquieu
It is Mina Montesquieu who came up with the refrain melody while on the couch watching bad TV, while Tatum in the other room was writing the verses. Ceri played the Trap card as Tatum recorded one of the nastiest bass lines and vocals on the record. The video is a whole other crypto-dark-web story that Hong Kong underground artist Mao Wing Ai can tell you about - of course that is if you are able to find him.

NO TEQUILA ft. Zap Mama
Ceri and Tatum were set to write a banger when Tatum remembered he had run into Marie Daulne a.k.a. Zap Mama at a photo exhibit in Geneva a couple years prior, and still had her number. She accepted the invitation as Tatum has been a fan of hers since his early teens - when he used to listen to "Ganja Baby" ft. Michael Franti and "Bandy Bandy" ft. Erykah Badu on repeat.

Tatum and Nancy were riding in a 4x4 Jeep at 5AM in the Doha desert towards the Saudi Arabian border for a film shoot when they heard the incredible song by Rachid Taha "Ya Rayeh". The opening notes of the song and the sight of the lights of the petroleum plants opened Tatum's mind to the urgency of bringing that moment into a song.


Tatum Rush in concert


18.10.2018 - EXIL, Zurich



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